Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get Behind the Mule

There is no escaping it. I have a new laptop. Time is of the essence but there is never enough time.

I guess this is something of a mission statement. The only way to get published is to have salable product. For writers, this means words. Preferably in some clever order. Rather than let these ideas stew, I am putting them out here where people can see them. You may be friends, family, or some random stranger who wandered in off the street. Welcome to you all.

The deal is this - you get free fiction. I get feedback. You get characters to enjoy. I get the thrill of doing awful things to them in the name of entertainment. This is the raw feed here - if any of this ever gets published, you will have read the first drafts here. Hopefully both of us benefit from this relationship. I have been blessed with talented and insightful friends that have wowed me with great twists and amazing characters in game.

Here are the elevator pitches -

Exodus Academy - Sci-fi teen drama set aboard the colony ship escaping the destruction of Earth.

INDIGO - Psychic kids on the run from the conspiracy that made them.

Rhodes and the Hollow Earth - Pulp adventuring couple Rick and Diana Rhodes race to keep the Nazis from discovering the Hollow Earth.

The Moontown Palooka - A hardboiled detective story set in mid-Depression Chicago where magic has returned and is controlled by the mob.

Let me know which one(s) you want to see first - otherwise I will just randomly pick one and run.