Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Honor and Intrigue - Escape from Castle Island

I love pirates. 7th Sea was my first professional writing gig, but I loved that game long before I got a chance to work on it. For all the pirate movies I've made other people watch, I've watched dozens more.

I happened upon Honor and Intrigue on the web. I liked what I saw, especially since I was looking for different system to run 7th Sea as well as other swashbucklers like Regime Diabolique. I got into a conversation with the creator who mentioned he was a huge fan of 7th Sea. We chatted for a little bit about games, swashbuckling movies and swordfighting mechanics. Then he asked me if I wanted to produce something for his game. I was honored and said yes.

So here's a short little adventure/setting about a Spanish prison island featuring a mystery on the mainland, a treacherous knife wielder and quite a few names you may recognizes. I present Escape From Castle Island.

For those of you looking for a good set of conversion notes to run 7th Sea using Honor and Intrigue, I recommend El Vago's conversion rules.