Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shadowrun - Shadowrun 2050

This is the "historical" setting for Shadowrun using the current rules set in the original time period. Writing about things I read as a pre-teen was a trip. I got to do two sections in this book:

KA-POW KA-POWER List 2050: Most of the freelancers were excited to write in the voices of their favorite commenters. I was excited to explore elements of Shadowrun history. Sure, names like Neil the Ork Barbarian and Concrete Dreams are mentioned in passing. But who were they. Turns out I got to say a bit about some of those names I grew up with, which is so, so cool.

The Neo-Anarchist's Guide To Pissing Off The Star: Lone Star used to be the Big Bad that made all the runners shake. The earliest editions concentrated on the chrome gutterpunks striving to steal their way to a good life. This was a tribute to the NA Guides that I spent hours devouring for that lived in Shadowrun feel.

Shadowrun:2050 is currently available through Catalyst directly. It's also most likely going to be at Gen Con. If you pick up a copy and see me I'll be glad to sign it!