Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kickstarter - Interface Zero 2.0

The next Kickstarter project I'm involved with ends this week. The game is called Interface Zero 2.0. It's a cyberpunk setting for Savage Worlds that's very cool. I write a small piece of the core book detailing New York. In the setting, New York was abandoned after the seas claimed coastal areas. The image of the New York skyline sticking up from the ocean was a visual I couldn't shake. It was exciting to explore one one of my favorite genres and get a blank canvas to paint. My part is due this week and I'm excited to see what David at Gun Metal Games thinks.

The core book is all about setting up conflicts for GMs and players to run with. The game is currently 13k away from 70k. That amount unlocks a stretch goal where I get to do a whole sourcebook on New York and start knocking down some of the pins I've set up. My own sourcebook is something I'm excited to do, so if you like games like Deux Ex, Android, Cyberpunk and, of course Shadowrun, check out the link above and consider helping me raise the Big Apple from beneath the sea.