Sunday, May 12, 2013

FLAG Force - The Pitch and Pretend History

I've been knee deep in various projects, but I thought I'd take a moment to share with you the series that's going to be part of the release for Cartoon Action Hour: Season Three. Cynthia also announced a stretch goal that will see this setting in print. Cynthia just approved it, so I'm happy to announce I'm working on FLAG Force! 

Tagline "It's U.N. Vs. Them!"

The Earth surrendered to the Starmada five years ago. They came in peace, but when their true agenda was discovered, the Starmada destroyed the world's armies and occupied humanity's largest cities across the world. The aliens rule by fear, with superior technology able to stand up to any army.

Enter the FLAG Force - an international group of resistance fighters known only by their codenames to protect their family and friends. They battle to release the iron grip the Starmada has on the world by turning their own weapons against them. Join Stars, Stripes, Kage, Caliente and the other members of FLAG force to strike a blow for Freedom, Law, And Goodness! Join FLAG Force today! 

And yes, I also worked out some information on the toy line it supported:

I imagine it got two seasons - one where it was kind of a GIJOE/MASK mashup, and a second darker season where figures had weapons that transformed from normal looking stuff to weapons. Everybody was aboard the Starmada mothership over NY which crashed at the end of the second season in one of those awful unresolved cliffhangers.

There's also a chase figure because the lead alien scientist went from a bad guy to a good guy over the first season, and his second season good guy figure is very rare.