Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fate Worlds Release Party - Wrap-Up

Photos by Steve Greenwood

Over a dozen folks showed up for Fate Worlds Release Party held at Board Game Barrister this afternoon. It was a nice mix of folks who were veterans, Kickstarter backers who hadn't gotten to play, and fresh faced rookies who never played Fate in any form. My full report is after the jump!

As the group assembled, I told them a bit about the history of Fate. While Fate Core was the order of the day, I would be remiss without pointing out some of my other favorites including Kerberos Club, Bulldogs! and Spirit of the Century. The store was nice enough to spring for a print copy of Fate Accelerated for everyone who came to the store for the event today. After my short history lesson, we chose tables and games. Out of the five GMs who came ready to run, we ended up with three.

Photo by Steve Greenwood

Steve chose Fate Accelerated for his first time out as a GM. He may be a rookie running the show, but he chose a setting he was very familiar with as you can see. His Back to the Future game featured the PCs travelling to the future (past?) of 2003, stopping Biff Jr. from taking over Hill Valley with a patented Tannen scheme.

Photo by Steve Greenwood

Ryan chose to run a "Core in Four" game. He and his players created a setting, characters and ran a full session of their game all within the space of four hours. Perhaps inspired by their neighbors, they chose a time travel setting as well, though their game was much more of the temporal police variety. It even featured a talking ape as a PC to satisfy the official Evil Hat Bylaws!

Photo by Steve Greenwood

These knights gathered around the table to help Arthur ensure the wedding of two Petty Titans went off as planned. Of course, nobody expected a knight's betrayal of the wedding feast to the Emergent, so the knights found themselves in a desperate battle about Jupiter to fend off a massacre.

After the games, I signed a couple books and talked about Fate to a few curious onlookers. Thanks to everyone who came out to run, play, and learn more about Fate Core!