Monday, April 21, 2014

Save Game - The Boss Monsters

Here are the descriptions of the bad guys in the campaign included in the game. Each generation is a different island, so we're focusing on the 8-bit island in this project. The biggest heroes have already fallen to the Glitch. They call themselves the Zeroes, and they look to destroy the final free city on the isles. Presstarton is your home and if you fall, it falls, and the Arcadian Isles will be overrun with the Glitch.

I'm sure you'll see the inspirations for the Zeroes, but I hope you get a kick out of the twists, too. They were heroes once,

Dr. Chompah
It’s Dr. Chompah’s first day on the job. Steer him through the maze-like halls of Good’s Mile Hospital, making sure he sees all the sick patients. Beware the Plague Clouds! Sneezy, Hacky, Drippy and Blarg look to infect Dr. Chompah and make him the sickest one in the hospital. The only way to stop the clouds is to brush up and take a bite out of the bad guys.
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Dr. C Chapter 10, Verses 11-14

Dr. Chompah was once known for his giant head and his big, toothy grin. A surgical mask now covers the smiling face for those who encounter him in the maze-like hallways of Good’s Mile Hospital. The walls are impeccably clean because he doesn’t waste a drop. Dr. Chompah stalks the halls with an insatiable hunger in his belly. Sometimes, a dripping tentacle or dribble of drool tinged with the Glitch leaks out around the edges. The Plague Clouds seek out fresh meat from him to feast upon. They fear that if they can’t placate him, he’ll throw them into his unknowable maw.

Marietta and Laverne Falzetti
The Tortoise Gang runs Pipe Town. They control the coins. They patrol the streets. The Falzetti Gals Pizza Company is the only business still in operation opposing the Tortoises. They’ve got to sneak down pipes, bust through walls, and battle their way to make sure the food is delivered on time! If they have to eat a slice or two to power up, sometimes that’s the cost of doing business. Vie for high score and get privileges for being Employee of the Month!
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Wize Galz -  Chapter 10, Verses 11-14

Marietta and Laverne literally crushed Papa Shellini under their Glitch-encased heels. The sisters split the city down the middle, leaving Pizza St. as the only neutral ground in the city. Marietta’s orange and Laverne’s blue are the quick and easy way to see who owns what in the city. Their goons, most of them old Tortoise Gang foes, wear matching ties to show their allegiance. The galz traded out their ballcaps for ballgowns. They’ve worked hard to put down the Tortoise Gang, so they won’t be caught dead in a pipe or on the streets anytime soon. In their case, the Glitch changed gutsy and fiery to glam and icy.

Princess Orianna Sopralto
Once upon a time, in a land above the clouds, there lived a beautiful princess with a beautiful voice. The jealous genius Sirtzendorf kidnapped Orianna during the night of her big concert. You, the only singer worthy to sing a duet with Orianna, must seek the pages of the Libretto scattered through the land of Metronomia. You must break into Opera Fortress while Orianna breaks out. Take this journey with another player and use your ability to save your progress if the other player is unavailable.
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, The Ballad of Orianna - Chapter 3, Verses 7-12

Orianna wears a mask made from the oozing, purple stuff of the Glitch. She controls Opera Fortress with but a thought. The Fortress protects its master with a gown built from the clockwork remains of Sirtzendorf. It acts as armor, rotates to allow her to float, lets her lock or only any door in the fortress with key gloves and accompanies her on organ when she wishes to grace the halls with her singing voice. The whirring, clicking dress is the one constant sound in the Opera Fortress, though if you can hear it, that means it’s too late.

MagnaMonk was once a simple ape happy to eat bananas. Now he must battle through the streets of Tar Zangeles to escape the dastardly experiments of Dr. Maru. MagnaMonk must defeat the other lab experiments, like Tigerhead, Bo-Bo Bomb-Bomb, and Cobra Mona to stop the mad doctor from turning everyone into a crazy mix of man and beast. MagnaMonk combines the best and worst that man and beast have to offer.
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Jungle 2000 - Chapter 8, Verses 19-25

MagnaMonk was once half-monkey, half-machine, all ape. MagnaMonk’s patchwork construction takes on a sinister hue with Glitch-infected zippers. The zippers, once easy ways to add and remove the powers of his defeated foes, spit glowing green code whenever MagnaMonk tries to attach something from outside his gameworld. A once brawny body has been replaced with steel, weapons and anything MagnaMonk can attach to his body. The streets of Tar Zangeles are littered with defeated foes. These foes can be turned into a weapon with a quick zip and a mighty howl from MagnaMonk.

Brad DeVries
Immerse yourself in a mystery 666 years in the making. The lost templar treasure disappeared hundreds of year ago. Agent Brad DeVries tracked the treasure’s last known location to Castle Dracula. Not only must he battle ghosts, ghouls and goblins, he’s pulled backwards in time to the days when the treasure was new and the lord of the castle was at the height of his power. DeVries must explore the castle - in the past and in the modern day - to make sure he can get home to deliver his report!
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Tempylvania - Chapter 13, Verses 18-22

Agent DeVries is not yet completely taken by the Glitch. Years of fighting mind controlling monsters gave him an iron will. He’s a mix of his modern and past selves, wielding modern weaponry while wearing a Templar’s tabard. What looks like a glowing cross on the agent’s chest is the Glitch slowly working its way through DeVries’ code. Every reset, a little bit of Templar red changes into glowing Glitch purple. The monsters and the Jacks won’t stop chasing him until he fulfils his destiny by sitting upon the eternal Tempylvanian throne.