Friday, August 8, 2014

Gen Con 2014 - Schedule

Next week marks Gen Con in Indianapolis. I'll be there for my final con of the summer and it seems like I've saved the best for last. After the exciting new experience of San Diego Comic Con, Gen Con feels like a comfortable pair of shoes. I'm running a few games at Gen Con as well as other appearances. The games are all technically sold out, but there's always a chance that a spot will open up that fills with generic tickets. If you encounter me, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself. My full schedule is after the jump.

Wednesday, August 13

  • 7 PM: The IGDN Social
  • 9 PM: The Diana Jones Awards

Thursday, August 14

  • 10 AM: Curse the Darkness Fate game
  • 2 PM: Daedalus Fate public playtest 
  • 4 PM: Our Last Best Hope: Giant Monster Mission game

Friday, August 15

  • 10 AM: Daedalus Fate public playtest 
  • 2 PM:  Curse the Darkness Fate game
  • 9 AM: Wedding Planners Firefly game 
  • 2 PM:  Plot Points meet and greet
  • 4 PM: Margaret Weis booth (1617)

Sunday, August 17

  • 12 PM: Margaret Weis booth (1617)