Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CAMELOT Trigger - Art Previews

In case you aren't on the Facebook or the Twitters, Fred Hicks has been showing off some of the artwork from Camelot Trigger in the upcoming Book of Shadows. Brett Barkley floored me with these awesome pieces. I've collected them after the jump.

The Emergent descend on a castle. I described them as insectoid and scary, but giving them faces similar to MerGN-A is a stroke of genius. The heavy armour in the foreground also looks intimidating.

The Zodiac Templars were one of the most popular elements in the playtest. They pilot their armour through an immersion tank rather than a neuralhelm. 

MerGN-A's been compared to both Sinistar and Unicron, which she finds very flattering.

L4-NC3-07 in the cockpit getting some advice from Mer-LN. My favorite detail are the pieces of code on Mer-LN's robes.