Thursday, March 27, 2014

Firefly RPG - Core Book Cover

Being part of this project has been a wild ride so far. I did a little work on the core, including some on the adventure mentioned on the back. The whole team is super excited that it's getting close to completion.

Or, rather, a first step for Browncoats. There are more print books planned for the line, not to mention more Echoes of War digital adventures. I'm very happy that we have four adventures out already, with a fifth to be released soon after the corebook comes out. Including the episode in the core, that's six ready-to-run episodes, which is almost unheard of support for a core book. And that doesn't count the remaining episodes I've got in the oven with my awesome writers.

If you want to pre-order directly from the company, click this link. While you're at it, why not beat the rush and pick up a couple of our Echoes of War adventures that I worked on?