Sunday, March 16, 2014

Save Game - The Outline

I submitted my outline for Save Game to Evil Hat. How much of the outline survives to the end is pretty flexible, especially once words start pouring out and mechanics are solidified. My goal is to keep Save Game split evenly between mechanics, setting and adventure, but once I carve out the text we'll see how well that split maintains.

The outline I submitted is a bit more detailed with bits of text, but this should provide a good tease for where I'm going. Full outline after the jump!

Setting - 5k
The Sea of Information - 1k

The Sea itself
The Arcadian Isles
Keepers of the Code
Normal life
But then the Glitch came
The heroes failed
Now it’s your turn

The Glitch - 1k
Jacks - random bits of mook code
Queens - the invader from another island that infected this one
Kings - Corrupted heroes aka The Fallen Five
The Ace - the Boss Monster of Boss Monsters

The Fallen Five - 1k

Dr. Chompah
It’s Dr. Chompah’s first day on the job. Steer him through the maze-like halls of Good’s Mile Hospital, making sure he sees all the sick patients. Beware the Plague Clouds! Sneezy, Hacky, Drippy and Blarg look to infect Dr. Chompah and make him the sickest one in the hospital. The only way to stop the clouds is to brush up and take a bite out of the bad guys
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Dr. C Chapter 10, Verses 11-14

Martini and Lorenzo Falzetti
The Tortoise Gang runs Pipe Town. They control the coins. They patrol the streets. The Falzetti Boys Pizza Company is the only business still in operation opposing the Tortosies. They’ve got to sneak down pipes, bust through walls, and battle their way to make sure the food is delivered on time! If they have to eat a slice or two to power up, sometimes that’s the cost of doing business. Vie for high score and get privileges for being Employee of the Month!
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Wize Guyz -  Chapter 10, Verses 11-14

Princess Orianna Sopralto
Once upon a time, in a land above the clouds, there lived a beautiful princess with a beautiful voice. The jealous genius Sirtzendorf kidnapped Orianna during the night of her big concert. You, the only singer worthy to sing a duet with Orianna, must seek the pages of the Libretto scattered through the land of Metronomia. You must break into Opera Fortress while Orianna breaks out. Take this journey with another player and use your ability to save your progress if the other player is unavailable.
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, The Ballad of Orianna - Chapter 3, Verses 7-12

MagnaMonk was once a simple ape happy to eat bananas. Now he must battle through the streets of Tar Zangeles to escape the dastardly experiments of Dr. Maru. MagnaMonk must defeat the other lab experiments, like Tigerhead, Bo-Bo Bomb-Bomb, and Cobra Mike to stop the mad doctor from turning everyone into a crazy mix of man and beast. MagnaMonk combines the best and worst that man and beast have to offer.
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Jungle 2000 - Chapter 8, Verses 19-25

Brad DeVries
Immerse yourself in a mystery 666 years in the making. The lost templar treasure disappeared hundreds of year ago. Agent Brad DeVries tracked the treasure’s last known location to Castle Dracula. Not only must he battle ghosts, ghouls and goblins, he’s pulled backwards in time to the days when the treasure was new and the lord of the castle was at the height of his power. DeVries must explore the castle - in the past and in the modern day - to make sure he can get home to deliver his report!
- The Scrolls of Boxolore, Tempylvania - Chapter 13, Verses 18-22

Rules - 5k

Making heroes - 1k

Skills and stunts- 2k
The skill list for Save Game is comprised of twelve action verbs. Video game characters have their lives mapped out on controllers, and your characters are no different. Don’t be afraid to relabel a skill if it fits your character in a different way. One character may Punch with their big ol’ fists and the other may Slash with a mighty sword, but they are both still smashing Jacks left and right.

(Hop, Boost, Thrust, Dodge)
This skill governs short, quick movements. It can be used to Overcome obstacles by jumping over or around them. It can also be used to Defend against ranged attacks

Attack: Spiked Boots, Spin Jump, Jump Dash
Create Advantage: Wall Grab, Double Jump, Flip Jump
Overcome: Unlocked
Defense: Unlocked

(Jab, Kick, Thrust, Stab)
This skill allows for attacks to someone within close distance. You may Attack with a punch or you can Overcome walls, barriers and other elements by smashing through them.

Attack: Unlocked
Create Advantage: Falcon Punch, Wind-Up Punch
Overcome: Unlocked
Defense: Counterpunch, Riposte


Lives - 1k
Instead of Consequences, characters have lives.

Combo boost - you get boosts when you take someone out. Risk/reward: bigger combo, cooler effect but if you lose a life, it all goes poof, or the bad guy gets it.

Special Ability Aspect Phases
Video game characters, especially 8-bit characters, have strange and unique abilities. Heroes of 8-bit games combined a lot of unusual things to become heroes. One character might have a surfboard, a rocket launcher and a pet monkey. another might be able to spit rainbows

When you roll for a phase, check the symbols. Each positive symbol is a positive word. Each negative symbol is a negative word. Any blank dice shorten the phrase.

  • Vehicles:
  • Colors:
  • Animals:
  • Emotions:
  • Food:

  • Weapons:
  • Death:
  • Animals:
  • Emotions

Cartridge Island Adventure - 5k

Good’s Mile Hospital
The Falzetti Boys’ Pipe Town
Tar Zangeles
Castle Tempylvania
Opera Fortress