Monday, January 19, 2015

Classic Report - Midwinter 2015

High light: Running into old friends everywhere I turned.

Low light: The open gaming area spilled out into the hallways and other rooms. Board games a big deal these days and the room set aside for it at the show was not sufficient.

Best experience: My Saturday night Firefly Game with seven players all of whom rocked the Serenity Crew.

Worst experience: I hauled in a lot of stuff to trade and had to haul a lot of it back because it was a no go.

Best bargain (had to buy it, no freebies): Traded some of my Shadowrun 4th stuff for some X-Wing ships and an Age of Rebellion book.

Best Freebie: The Chronos LARP rules are available as free PDFs. I didn't get to try them out at the show, but a few friends did and were raving about them.

Most welcome surprise: Saturday was the perfect mix of gaming with people I knew and new people who were fun.

Most unwelcome surprise: The lack of the MilCog board game library put a damper on by goal of trying out several board games I've been reading about.

Best game: The revised Monster of the Week added some new playbooks, tweaked a few rules and still has some excellent advice for running modern monster hunter style games.

Most interesting game concept: Kombat Kittens featured battle between kittens photoshoped into various geek-friendly costumes. I don;t know how much replayability it has, but the first game we played was ridiculously cute.

Sleeper game: Terra Mystica feels like one of those board games at the beginning where the first couple of playthroughs are just going to be pulling levels to see what happens because there's so much going on. But it does a good job of making strategies clear on your turn and picking between two fairly obvious but hard choices.

Coolest booth: 42 Lounge brought their projection screen and I played a few quirky, indie video games while chatting with the owners.

Strangest moment: Being the only person in the elevator not in full-on costume.


Kombat Kittens
Terra Mystica
Monster of the Week
Firefly RPG


Parking, mostly.


Age of Rebellion: Stay On Target
X-Wing: TIE Phanton
X-Wing: Z-95 Headhunter

Things to pick up after the con:

Monster of the Week in print