Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Midwinter Gaming Convention - Schedule

This weekend brings Milwaukee's first gaming convention of the year. If you want to stop by and say hi, here's where I'll be for sure:


7-11 PM
Wright Ballroom A

Monster of the Week: Last Rites

Just outside of a small town in Texas, a divorcee encounters the supernatural. She needs hunters to help her out. Will you snark like the slayer? Flash your badge and dig through your files? Load your shotgun with rock salt? Choose your playbook, forge your bonds and get to the bottom of the Last Rites.


7-11 PM
Wright Ballroom C

Firefly RPG: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

Join lead writer/line developer Monica Valentinelli and writer Rob Wieland as they discuss the Firefly RPG corebook and the existing supplements for the line. Then, ask your burning questions about what 2015 has in store for you! For more info about the Firefly RPG, visit www.margaretweis.com.

7-11 PM
Wright Ballroom A

Firefly RPG: Bucking The Tiger

Take on the roles of the crew about the Serenity in this session of the hit RPG run by one of the designers of the game. When an old friend sends a message to settle up an old debt, what starts as a luxurious week at a casino turns into a murder mystery mixing up Alliance colonels, Browncoat raiders and Triad gangsters.