Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fate Core Hack - Shadowrun 2050

Here's a link to the archetypes I used for an upcoming Fate core game set in the classic Shadowrun time period of 2050.  One of the important revelations: Adapting up from Fate Core is easier than adapting down from Shadowrun.

Shadowrunners of 2050

Runners possess five aspects and three stunts. Meta types and specialty characters are represented though a mixture of aspects and stunts. Metatype is reflected as part of an aspect, while specialty character types are represented by stunts.


Archetype: When the Fixer scrolls through her list looking for folks to do her dirty deeds, this aspect is what your character is listed under. Former Wage Mage sit alongside Street Shaman. The fixer knows the important distinction between a Street Samurai and an Ork Mercenary.

Past: Very few folks decide they want to become shadowrunners. Was your runner Rebelling Against Corporate Parents? Did you get Mixed Up With The Yakuza? Or maybe you are a Disgraced Executive looking to take down your former company.

Team: Every crew has deckers, street samurai and bad men of all stripes. But how does the rest of your crew see you? Are you The Mother making sure everyone is prepared and nobody is left behind? Are you The New Guy who shakes things up trying to get out from your predecessors shadow? Maybe you're The Hothead that gets riled up in combat and has to be calmed down the rest of the time?

Lifestyle: Some runners live conspicuously. Others squat and stay off the grid. Does your rigger maintain a Fleet of Fast Cars? Are you holed up in your Custom-Built Safehouse? Or do you live A SIN-less Existence?

Contact: You know a lot of people, but this is the guy who always comes through, and the one person you're willing to put your neck out for outside your crew. Is it the Bartender who lets you crash in the back room? Are you the brother to Monkeyshine, Leader of An Ork Go-Gang? What if your dad was Kyoshi Hatamoshi, Oyabun?


The apex skill depends on how gritty you want your Shadowrun experience. Street level games start with a Good (+3) top skill. Professional level games start with a Great (+4) top skill. Prime unner level games start with a Superb (+5) top skill.

Decking Skill
Magic Skill
Lore to Knowledge
Rapport to Etiquette
Physique to Body
Will to Willpower
Craft to Engineering
Resources to Lifestyle


Spellcasters may choose spell locks, power focus and other gear that requires Karma to bond to their person.


  • Power Focus: When you succeed with style using Magic, gain an additional free invoke.
  • Combat Spell Focus: +2 to Attack rolls using Magic
  • Banishing Spirit Focus: +2 to overcome spirit obstacles using Magic

Cyberware stunts lock out a tier on the skill ladder for Magic. If you have one Cyberware stunt, you can't have a Great Magic Skill. Two, and you can't have a Good or Great Magic Skill. 

  • Wired Reflexes: Spend a Fate point to move to the top of the initiative order.
  • Hand Razors: +2 to fight rolls against an unarmed opponent
  • Cyberbeck Response Increase: Use Decking instead of Notice to determine initiative while jacked in.


Pieces of gear are aspects. They are not required to use skills. You can still shoot without a gun aspect. Aspects represent your tricked out gear. Anyone can shoot an Ares Predator, but you should have an aspect for an Ares Predator with a Smartgun Link, Tailored Grip and 50 rounds of APDS ammo

For those games looking for more fidelity to the source material, spellcasters may choose a number of spells equal to the characters Magic and Knowledge skills.

Select a number of pieces of gear equal to your character's Lifestyle. Acquiring additional gear requires Creating an Advantage using either Lifestyle or Contacts.


Succeed with a cost when using Magic skill - take stress equal to the amount of shift you missed by. Mental stress, unless it exceeds your Magic skill rating, in which case it becomes Physical. You may choose to do this even if you succeed to get enough shifts succeed with style.


Create Advantage using your Magic skill. 

Nuyen and Karma

Each job is rated in a difficulty on the skill ladder. Dusting up at the local Stuffer Shack is an Average (+1) Saturday night for must runners, while a run into Bug City is a pretty Great (+4) difficulty. Each play converts this rating into a number of points between Nuyen and Karma. Each Nuyen point gives a gear aspect a free invoke for the next session. Each Karma point allows an additional minor milestone.

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