Monday, December 23, 2013

Fate Accelerated - Shadowrun 2070

My Fate Core hack for 2050 could probably use some polish, but until I get a chance to get back to it, I decided to put together a hack to run Shadowrun's modern version using Fate Accelerated.  The goal here is to let folks who love the setting but are less enamored of the system still shoot elves in the face for money. The hack is after the jump, chummer!

This also works for other cyberpunk settings, like Deux Ex or Android.

Accelerated Runners of 2070

Runners possess five aspects, six approaches and three stunts. Meta types and specialty characters are represented though a mixture of aspects and stunts. Metatype is reflected as part of an aspect, while specialty character types are represented by stunts.


Archetype: When the Fixer scrolls through her list looking for folks to do her dirty deeds, this aspect is what your character is listed under. Former Wage Mage sit alongside Street Shaman. The fixer knows the important distinction between a Street Samurai and an Ork Mercenary.

Past: Very few folks decide they want to become shadowrunners. Was your runner Rebelling Against Corporate Parents? Did you get Mixed Up With The Yakuza? Or maybe you are a Disgraced Executive looking to take down your former company.

Team: Every crew has deckers, street samurai and bad men of all stripes. But how does the rest of your crew see you? Are you The Mother making sure everyone is prepared and nobody is left behind? Are you The New Guy who shakes things up trying to get out from your predecessors shadow? Maybe you're The Hothead that gets riled up in combat and has to be calmed down the rest of the time?

Lifestyle: Some runners live conspicuously. Others squat and stay off the grid. Does your rigger maintain a Fleet of Fast Cars? Are you holed up in your Custom-Built Safehouse? Or do you live A SIN-less Existence?

Contact: You know a lot of people, but this is the guy who always comes through, and the one person you're willing to put your neck out for outside your crew. Is it the Bartender who lets you crash in the back room? Are you the brother to Monkeyshine, Leader of An Ork Go-Gang? What if your dad was Kyoshi Hatamoshi, Oyabun?


The approaches in Shadowrun Accelerated encompass many of the ways runners accomplish their goals. Take one at Good (+3), two at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1), and one at Mediocre (+0)


This is when you set off the explosives, crash the system, and let them know you're coming.


This is when you shoot to kill, flex your augmented cyberarm and don't care how you get the job done.


This is when you carefully negotiate with the Johnson, look like you belong in an office and cultivate a trustworthy reputation.


This is when you leave no trace, take only what you need and avoid anybody knowing you're there.


This is when you knock them out, convince them to help and use the path of least resistance.


This is when you improvise a weapon,  appeal to regular folks for help and make your own use for things.


Stunts can be inspired by signature gear, character type and more. If you have a magic stunt, you can have no more than one cyberware stunt. Characters can cast several different spells and have many different bits of cyberware, but stunts represent the one they use the most or is most notable. It also highlights the difference between gear purchased for a mission and something lovingly customized and tweaked to specifications.


  • Because I am a technomancer, I gain a 2-point bonus to attacking with a Loud approach when I summon a sprite in an enemy system
  • Because Bear is my Totem, I gain a 2-point bonus to overcome rolls when taking a Soft approach with healing a team member.
  • Because I have a cyberdeck with sleaze, I gain a 2-point bonus to create an advantage  taking a Quiet approach.
  • Because I have dermal plating, I gain a 2-point bonus when defending a physical attack with a Hard approach.
  • Because I have an UZI III with an integral smartgun link, I gain a 2-point bonus when attacking with a Hard approach.

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