Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Actual Play - Extra Life at Gamehole Con

I had a fantastic experience this weekend at GameHole Con. It's become one of my favorite conventions throughout the year.

On Friday night, I took a rare opportunity to sit on the player's side of things for a chance to play D&D 5th. I raised over $1000 bucks for Extra Life by drinking and playing an RPG.

I was a last minute add, so I had to improvise ways to get people to give money. I figured hey, I'll do a shot at $250 a pop because I'm playing a drunken master monk. Nobody would be crazy enough to do that!

I raised over $1000 that way. I remember we all went up to Mearls' room after the game, talked gaming and ate pizza, but that could just be the caramel vodka talking.

If you want to see the whole thing, the archived Twitch link is here.