Friday, December 7, 2012

CAMELOT Trigger - Fellow Travellers

I have a wedding this weekend, so my time to work on the setting is limited. This does give me the opportunity to talk about the other settings and what I love about each of them.

J.R. Blackwell's Court/Ship
Social mechanics flow effortlessly in FATE. I love that the system makes trash talking just as dramatic important as fighting. This setting will offer some great ideas on how to run games where a sharp tongue is more deadly than a sword.

Brian Engard's Wild Blue
I love Westerns. I love superheroes. And I love fantasy games that are set outside of the pseudo-medieval Tolkien paradigm.

Mark Diaz Truman's Timeworks

As much as I want to get back to work with Mark on REDACTED, I want to see his take on time travel even more. Time travel is a ripe genre for RPGs. Even though The Coriolis Defect didn’t fund, I’m still excited to see what Mark does with one of the most challenging ideas in gaming.

Jason Morningstar's Fight Fire
Jason is the super-genius behind Fiasco, which is one of those rare games that hits the table and always creates memorable stories. Anything he does is work reading. I also love that modern designers are willing to push themselves out of genres that are focused on fighting.

Filamena Young's White Picket Witches
The evolution of the modern supernatural genre is fun to watch. Shows like Supernatural don't get a lot of respect even though they are carrying the torch of X-Files and Buffy. This game looks like a fun balance between soap opera and supernatural drama, which as anyone that's played Vampire with me know me how much I love that blend.

John Rogers' CrimeWorld
Besides gracing my Leverage blog with an interview, John knows a thing or two about clever capers. Since so many RPGs have busting into places for treasure as part of their mission statement, this segment will go a long way even outside the original genre.

Shoshana Kessock's No Exit
FATE games have a reputation for being big, loud and heroic. This looks like it's going to be none of those. There's a clamor for "gritty" FATE games and this looks like a great place to start.

Sarah Newton's Burn Shift
Most post-apocalyptic games are about wallowing in the destruction of second (and possibly final) dark age. The appeal to gamers is obvious, since there are a lot of parallels to the classic setting for fantasy game. But a game focused on rebuilding? That's awesome.

Brennan Taylor's Fantasy Adventure
Bulldogs is the favorite FATE version at our table. Fantasy is the most popular genre in tabletop gaming and this looks more like a Grey Mouser tale than a D&D riff.

Thanks to you, CAMELOT Trigger is GO! But the battle rages on. Tell your friends to back the Kickstarter you you can see all of these fine settings in print!