Sunday, December 16, 2012

CAMELOT Trigger - First Playtest Report

I ran a session of the game over the weekend. It was received well with the characters driving MerGN-A back through the Wyrmgate above Earth. Things I discovered:

  • Change two Skill names. Stoutness is now Vigor and Vigor is now Zeal.
  • Zeal controls movement in armour and out. Armour is your defensive skill when you get hit.
  • One of the players went right to the jugular and wanted to play Arthur's bastard. 
  • People love playing Zodiac Templars.
  • The Phase Trio got a complicated web of rivalries and alliances set up. but I needed to be more clear in helping people pick Aspects that defined their characters rather than whatever character.
  • Cancelling a compel is a rare thing indeed, especially with my players.
  • Mech construction was good. I need to support people who want to pick a mech and go, people who want to adjust a  pre-existing mech, and ones who want to bake from scratch.
  • The big mech battle at the end went well, though I played MerGN-A poorly. She got her butt kicked. People grasps the concepts of zones alright, though in a game like this it's more important.
  • Should lady knights also be called Sir?

If you want to see the PCs we used, check them out after the jump. Otherwise, comment away or check me at @robowieland on Twitter, or the FATE Core Community on G+.
Name: Drystan
Background: A squire who took up his master's armour when his master fell died trying to get into it for a duel.

Barrister the Bold, Champion of Europa!
(Not Actually Barrister The Bold)
Well, Guess It's Mine Now
Herald of Another Family's Crest
Secret Wingman

Great: Smithy
Good: Armour, Melee
Fair: Blast, Daunt, Vigor
Average: Household, Chivalry, Cunning, Mark

Direct Kinetic Restoration

Name: Vanessa "LIBRA" Du Guerrier
Background: A Venetian noble who became a Zodiac Templar to prove her mother wrong.

Templar Libra
"Vanessa Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
Leaving Las Venus
Battle Friends Forever
Mother's Pawn

Great: Zeal
Good: Armour, Blast
Fair: Intrigue, Mark, Chivalry
Average: Melee, Skulking, Devotion, Daunt

Hardcore Parkour

Name: Ayden
Background: A rough and tumble kid given one last chance at the Temple of the Infinite Heavens

Explosive Archer
An Easy Target With A Short Fuse
Too Hot To Handle
First Loser At The Temple
Fierce Prote\ctor

Great: Blast
Good: Armour, Smithy
Fair: Mark, Devotion, Zeal
Average: Lore, Chivalry, Cunning, Intrigue

A Polite Society

Name: Quinn
Background: An angsty teen grizzled beyond his years as a Templar

Armored Crab of Cancer
Thousand Yard Stare
Forever Bullied
Spark of Friendship
Booze Em Buddies

Great: Vigor
Good: Armor, Devotion
Fair: Melee, Household, Smithy
Average: Skulking, Inquisition, Chivalry, Zeal

The Bleeding Doesn't Hurt Anymore
Pain Is My Blade

Name: Alanna
Background: The hidden daughter of Arthur trying to prove herself.

Humble Badass
A Mother's Secrets
Comrade in Lies
Surrogate Sister

Great: Melee
Good: Armour, Chivalry
Fair: Lore, Household, Devotion
Average: Zeal, Mark, Inquisition, Larceny

Killing Stroke