Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CAMELOT Trigger - Megatron, Voltron and Unicron Walk Into A Bar...

The first draft of the mecha rules look well in hand. I'm excited to get them out so people can really fold, spindle and mutilate them. The enthusiastic response to the setting has fueled my creative fires, and I thank you for your anticipation. Since starting the blog, the biggest questions I've seen are "Can you do this kind of mech?" Let's look at the top three requests.

Transformer: Most of the legwork on this one has been done to me thanks to the Dresden Files RPG. There is an internal System that offers a variable split in Skills at the cost of a Fate Point. You can turn a Great Melee into a Good Melee/Average Zeal, a Fair Melee/Fair Blast, and so on. You must pick one Skill that must always be part of the mix.

Combiner: Choose 'Combination Socket' as one of your Systems. When you combine with other mechs that have the right Combination Socket System, the following occurs:
  • The Combined Form gets it own Stress Track - one box for every mech part of the combined form.
  • It gets its own set of Consequences. If the Combined Form takes Consequences, they must be divided up between the individual mechs when the Combined Form goes away.
  • It also gets an additional Mild Consequence for every pair of Combination Socket Systems in the Combined Form.
  • The pilots may chose at the time of Combination if they want to keep their own initiative or take the average initiative and all act on the same turn.
  • The Combined Form gets an action for each active pilot inside. Each pilot may use a Skill or system once in a turn.

Manowar: The Manowar is how to do the type of mechs that are bigger than the standard mech. It's built like a Combined Form, except it always stays in that form. The bigger they are, though...

  • The Manowar Form gets it own Stress Track - one box for every part of the Manowar Form.
  • The Manowar Form gets an additional Mild Consequence for every pair of Massive Superstructure Systems in the form.
  • The Manowar Form always goes on Mediocre.
  • The Manowar Form takes a number of actions equal to the number of parts in its construction. Systems may only be used once per turn, but multiple systems of the same type may be built into different parts.

You want an example of a Manowar? Check back in on Friday for an introduction to MerGN-A, the literal Big Bad of CAMELOT Trigger!

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