Saturday, December 22, 2012

Night's Black Agents - Double Tap Outline

Now that the first draft of CAMELOT Trigger is away at Evil Hat HQ, I can talk about my next project.

Night's Black Agents combines to great tastes that go together - vampires and spies. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love these things. Ken Hite, Gaming Mastermind, brought them together in the simple genius of my favorite GUMSHOE game.

He also posted the outline for Double Tap, the first supplement to the game. I have three sections I'm cleared to talk about. I will be writing the expanded skills section, which includes suggestions for how to use skill spend to be even more badass than usual. I will expand my Adaptive Tradecraft article with more neat in the field tricks for tracking vampires and their minions. And I will be discussing how to run Night's Black Agents for a solo agent, since Bond and Bourne rarely roll with backup.

He's taking suggestions on the Pelgrane site. I'll open this entry to any questions or comments I might be able to answer.