Monday, January 21, 2013


Response to CAMELOT Trigger has been great. We've gotten a lot of good feedback from backers who were excited from the word go, as well as quite a few who came around to enjoying the setting after reading the full release. I look forward to hearing actual play reports and additional suggestions on how to make things cooler. Hearing backers discuss using the armour mechanics for everything from Eclipse Phase to Rifts is awesome. Thank you all once again for your support. Take to your favorite social media to spread the love for FATE Core and CAMELOT Trigger in the final week of the Kickstarter.

As promised, this is the first blog entry featuring material cut from the general release. Tom Cadorette was my editor on CAMELOT Trigger. Nothing makes a writer feel better than "This is great, but we have to cut it for space." The project was originally 10,000 words but Fred opened up the word count to range between 10,000 and 15,000 words. It was enthusiasm for these blogs that pushed me to hit that upper limit, and I even ended up going a bit over. Items were also cut to make room for some examples of mechanics, so I have a few of these entries planned to highlight some additional elements to bring to your CAMELOT Trigger game. Consider these additional plot hooks to inspire.

After the jump, I talk about PASTAC, an organization that thinks Earth needs to return to the way it was before technology. I wanted a reason for armour to mix against the visual of old castles and carts. PASTAC was born of that desire. The name came from Tom's suggestion, and it solves a unique problem with the setting.

On the planet below, the Pastoral Autonomous Collective, or PASTAC wishes to eliminate all advanced technology, specifically anything robotic or computerized. PASTAC found its strongest base in the ruins of ancient New York City, its skyscrapers now covered in ropes and pulleys. Armour is prohibited on Manhattan Island, and only unpowered weapons such as swords and crossbows are allowed in the city limits. For now, Arthur respects their wishes as they represent no threat. While PASTAC believes Arthur's rule is good for Earth, the horrors of the Emergent remain all too fresh in their minds. They want the king to keep everything – armour, ships, and especially artificial intelligence – off the planet, and seek to make their vision of a machine-free Earth become reality.