Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CAMELOT Trigger - The Peril of Sir Malcolm

The important points of the playtest:

  • The new shutdown rules work well.  Having the opponent choose to hit a system for more stress relief really digs in some hard choices.
  • Contests are fun to run, especially when someone spends a Fate point to force a tie.
  • Still unhappy with how siege armours feel. They work okay but not quite the 'boss monster' feel I want.
  • Boosts are fun - ties mean something now.
  • Having someone play a character is a great way to find typos on their character sheet.
  • Creating the settlement H377 on the fly was great. Thanks Steven!
  • Watching a player new to FATE cook up their first aspect is fun. 
More information about the scenario after the jump. As always, drop me a line in the comments or @robowieland to discuss.

The knights accompanied L4-NC3-L07 to Mars in search of Sir Malcolm, who left the red planet and never made it back to Jupiter. They spent a little time chatting with MerLN, who I gave some laggy affectations the players enjoyed. (Think Max Headroom)

They landed on the planet. L4 headed to Hellas Planitia, underneath which was the settlement H377. H377 was built out of an old ore mine. It was also the location of the S3X M4-CH1-N3, a brothel run by a brother and sister team. Any knight looking to cut loose would do it there. L4 took advantage of his station, racking up some Fate Points, while the other knights investigated.  Libra ran afoul of D4-M0N, the Enforcer. Outside, the other Templars engaged in a contest to stay in firm shape.

The knights tracked Sir Malcom to a brigand base in the wreck. The base was defended by some Stillettos and a Ballista. The Stillettos proved in effective, with L4's Slave Alpha smashing one in half with a nasty use of his Heavy Hitter stunt. The Ballista damaged CANCER and Sir Barristan's Gladius before they yielded sir Malcom in exchange for the right to flee their base.