Friday, January 4, 2013

CAMELOT Trigger - A Run Through The Wyrmgates

The next draft is finishing completion. I thought I'd take this entry to talk about how the knights travel around our solar system.

The Wyrmgates are jumpgates built at each of the major inhabited planets in the system. They stretch from Mercury to Saturn, each a different color. They were built in the style of giant dragon heads. To travel through the gate a knight steps through the dragon's mouth into a strange dimension known as The Breach.

MerLN uploaded himself to the Wyrmgates as a measure to control access. As long as he is in control, MerGN-A can't use them. MerLN often speaks with knights during their time in The Breach, learning about humanity as best he can.

After the jump, let's about the planets in the setting. We're entering Spoiler Territory here, so if you want to save yourself for when the full draft hits, you make want to turn back now and skip out of the comments. Keep following my posts on Twitter @robowieland and on the Fate Core G+ community. Once again, thanks to everyone who has shown their love for the setting.

There are things happening on Mercury and Neptune, but I'd rather save them for the draft release. Pluto is left open for the GM to add in elements they would like to use to customize the setting for their game. Want knights to fight Cthulhu? Put him on Yuggoth, er, Pluto.

Venus: The Morningstar Matriarchy was formed by refugees from Earth. They split into two camps: The Valkyries, warriors who believed they should take back Earth or die trying and The Vespers, those who believed Earth was lost and that they should start anew on Venus. Valerie La Guin, Arthur's queen, is the leader of Venus.

Earth: Arthur's home is on Avaluna Base while the planet goes through the process of rebuilding. The Pastoral Movement on Earth is gaining strength. It suggests taking Earth back to a time before the Emergent existed - a time before electronics and space travel.

Mars: The home to the factories that once built thousands of Emergent armour. The prisoner-slaves, lead by   L4-NC3-L07, threw off their masters. The Test Arena still exists, however, for those who would be willing to fight for glory in the hopes of becoming a knight.

The Wreck: The asteroid belt is home to Emergent raiders and Edge knights who can barely keep their armour functioning,

Jupiter: The Petty Titans exist here, bickering and squabbling with each other for whatever power they can grab. Uniting the moons of Jupiter is one of Arthur's biggest challenges.

Saturn: The Saturnine Senate is the wealthiest planet in the sector. It defends its interests with cutting edge armour, and is still unsure if Arthur is humanity's savior.

Uranus: Home to a single settlement, The Temple of the Infinite Heavens. The twelve Zodiac Templar knights control their armour via submersion meditation tanks.