Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cortex - A Mass Effect Hack

I'm heading out of town for the weekend. CAMELOT Trigger's second draft is currently safely ensconced at Evil Hat HQ. I've pieced together a hack for another game system I love, the Marvel version of Cortex+. It's for the Mass Effect universe. The information is located after the jump. If you would like for me to continue, drop me a line or leave a comment. Otherwise, we'll see you next week.

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Affiliations: Paragon vs. Renegade. both start at d8. You can step up one before a roll if you step the other back. When a die is a d12 or at d4 and you roll it, you can choose to return them to d8 and take an XP.

Distinctions: Keep these at 3. These are like the solider/survivor choices at the beginning of the game. That concept is all you need for aliens: Korgan Warrior is a distinction as is human scientist

Power set: Start with one power set - solider/engineer/biotic. Powers are like the ones in the game - warp, barrier etc for biotics, sabotage, combat drone for engineers, combat mastery for soldiers and so on. Either they can unlock a specialist class with XP or you pick one to start. Anything that unlocks is an SFX, like ammo. Everything starts at a d6 - to start with something higher, you have to step something back.

Specialty: Replace this with gear. 10 dice worth of gear to split between weapons, armor and tech. Each piece of gear starts at d6.

An example? Let's do my Shepard:

Affiliation: Paragon d10 Renegade d6

Humanity's Last Hope
Grieving for Garrus

Power Set: Soldier
Adrenaline Rush d8
Combat Mastery d8
Fitness d6
SFX: Incendiary Ammo: Step up stress against organic targets by one die.

Assault rifle: d8
Sniper rifle: d8
Armor: d6