Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fate Accelerated - 7th Sea

I was happy to see folks interested in both a Core and Accelerated hack of 7th Sea. This one will be much shorter, since I'm less concerned with modeling system elements here.

Thanks to +Ryan Macklin for inspiring me on the Approaches. The hack hits after the jump!

Accelerated Heroes of Theah


Heroes possess five aspects, like in Fate Core. For speedier play, a hero only needs to define a Heritage Aspect and discover the rest in play. I've reposted the breakdown of the Fate Core Aspects below, but outside of Heritage and Arcana, the other three are meant to be more flexible.

Swordsman Schools and Sorcerous Blood are Aspects, though someone could represent their mastery of a school or sorcery by creating a complimentary Stunt.

Heritage: Where you were born has a profound effect on what you are. This Aspect should combine your country of origin with a short description of who your character is. There are differences between a Castillian Swordsman and a Montaigne Musketeer. Either would be willing to fight a duel should you question such an idea.

Arcana: Heroes and villains are marked by the strands of fate. The Fate Witches of Vodacce can identify the Major Arcana you are most associated with that works to achieve your destiny and seal your fate. Are you A Fool, acting rashly but with a pure heart? Do the ambitions of The Magician give you the will to stand tall?

Background: Heroes have interesting histories beyond where they came from and their destiny. Perhaps you suffer from Amnesia, unaware of your heritage as a heir to a crown. You might have a secret identity that fights under The Mask of El Vago. Or you took a Vow To Find Your Father's Killer and slay him with your own hands?

Advantage: Are you a captain that sails with the Brotherhood of the Coast? Do you belong to a secret society like The Knights of The Rose and Cross? Or is it something simpler, like I Fights Better Drunk?

Reputation: Men and women live or die by their reputations. It proceeds you wherever you go. Are you a Dangerous Beauty that flirts with anyone? Do you shout No Barter! No Quarter! as you and your men go over the side to take a prize? Or do you Make Your Own Luck when fortune fails you?


The approaches in 7th Sea take their names from the basic traits of the original game. Take one at Good (+3), one at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1), and one at Mediocre (+0)


Physical strength or stamina. Attacking with a heavy weapon, climbing a rigging, taking a punch


Physical agility or quickness. Shooting a pistol, riposting a clumsy attack, dancing at court.


Mental agility and quickness. Stinging repartee, remembering important facts, puzzling out Syrneth artifacts.


Mental strength or stamina. Ignoring pain, rebutting insults, and intimidating opponents.


Doing anything with style. Swinging on a chandelier or revealing you are not left handed in the middle of a duel.

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